Document Management Software​

Unleash Efficiency, Ensure Compliance, Streamline Document Handling!

Efficient Document Management

Manage documentation lifecycle from creation to obsoletion

Data Security

Data Security Protects sensitive data from unauthorized access and breaches by implementing encryption

Document Comparison

Identifies and highlights differences between documents to ensure accuracy and consistency

Upcoming ML/AI Integration

Upcoming ML/AI Integration Future-ready with ML and AI for intelligent task routing and automatic reviews

Streamline Documentation Lifecycle

Document Management Systems revolutionizes documentation processes in pharmaceutical, biotech, and other regulatory sectors. We offer version control, documentation collaboration, document obsoletion, and document archive that streamlines operations and ensures regulatory compliance. Join us in embracing the future of documentation.

Experience the power DMS

Enhanced Collaboration

Facilitates parallel reviews, ensuring seamless collaboration between departments.

Document Tagging

Assign labels to digital files for easier organization and management

Audit Trials

Ensure comprehensive documentation of audit trails across all departments and processes

Document Issuance

Issue error-free master, reference, controlled, uncontrolled, training and draft copies following standardized templates

Effective Version Control

Effective Version Control Minimize overwriting and duplication through document comparison and revision control. Track changes with proper authorization to achieve accuracy

Manage Documentation Lifecycle

Effectively manage complete SOP, STP, Protocols, reports, BMR, BPR, Quality manuals, site master file, validation master file documentation lifecycle from creation to obsoletion

DMS Improves Customer Experiences

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Global Users


Customer Connection

The Ripple Effect

Improving Security

Improving Accuracy and Accessibility

Improving Response Times

AmpleLogic DMS seamlessly integrates with Quality Management Systems (QMS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), and more.

Some Features of DMS


Develop documents according to standardized templates with customized Document Number Format (DNF), Control selection, Header control and Signatory control


Systematic management of documents that are no longer active but are retained for references and audit purposes


Generate varied reports while being notified about effective dates, next revision date and the latest documentation needs


Documents stored digitally with backup procedures for data security, eliminating risks of document loss and secure digital storage

Seamlessly integrates with external systems and AmpleLogic’s Quality Management System (QMS) and Learning Management System (LMS) for simplified data collection


Adds visible text, graphics, or barcode to the issued documents to indicate their status, track their origins and stop their duplications


Swift document retrieval with predefined mechanisms. Eliminates challenges faced in manual document retrieval with efficient automated processes


Track pending tasks for enhanced productivity and efficiency. Get real-time tracking, email notifications, reminders, and escalations to ensure adherence to deadlines


Streamlined inter-departmental cooperation for enhanced document handling and documentation checks


Integrated with Learning Management System, ensuring seamless understanding of revised regulations and processes

Document Management Systems is a boon to the Topical Pharmaceutical Sectors and MORE..!