Techno Service meets the individual needs of our customers and their fields of application with a range of products spanning numerous technologies, in addition, we provide wide range of automation solutions that is used to shape the development of products and technology of tomorrow.

Techno Service
team delivers the tailored logistics solution, state-of-the-art inventory management strategies, and on-site operational support for customers to work more efficiently and with innovative productivity. to keep up with the age of technology

Techno Service
assures you of supplying quality products backed by effective and prompt after-sales services, a company will stimulate as well as meet demand. We believe in sharing our success with all our employees and business partners.


Our business is grounded in trust. Indeed we’re proud of what we stand for: a great work ethic, morals,
honesty, respect and transparency. At Techno Service integrity is foundation of everything we say and do.


We are dedicated to continually working to strengthen our Relationships, Products, Services and
community. Accordingly our clients can count on us to deliver the same level of service – Whether they’ve been
with us for a day or a decade.


We are always stretching our boundaries and

striving to achieve more. Unquestionably we campion and encourage
creativity and forward thinking. We anticipate the needs of our customers and always find better ways
to serve them. We always keen to stay a step ahead of our competition.


At Techno Service, We believe in collaborating to leverage our shared knowledge and skills sets to bring
greater value to our clients. Great teamwork is the driving force of our continued growth and success,
and together we are stronger smarter than we are as individuals.



Techno Service believes in delivering a level of service that goes above and beyond. We establish long
lasting relationships with our clients by listening, anticipating their needs and delivering exceptional
service proactively. Because every action we take should make the client experience better, and our goal is to
leave no stone unturned.

Our success

in numbers​




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We Don’t Build in Order to Have Clients, We Have Clients in Order to Build

Trusted by over 600 Industries and Thousands of Laboratories in our market.