Cyber Security

Cyber security is an integral fabric of our business. In addition to the secure products Honeywell develops, our third-party integrations for OT systems enable an added layer of protection.


Identify cybersecurity threats and risks through assets, and processes in your OT environment.


Protect and maintain your OT environment using a layered approach to cybersecurity.


Be ready to analyze and respond to security incidents detected in your OT environment.


Proactively detect anomalies, risks, and threats in your OT environment

Secure your data, people, and process by building cyber resilience

In an ever-evolving digital era, your building’s Operational Technology (OT) systems have likely become more and more connected. Neglecting your overall operating environment can potentially increase cyber risks.

Honeywell Advanced Endpoint Security (HAES)

This intuitive, next generation antivirus uses a deep learning framework to detect and deter cyber threats almost immediately.

Honeywell Remote Management (HRM)

This analytics platform monitors critical servers and workstations, 24×7, and provides early identification of potential server problems.

Honeywell Threat Defense Platform

This scalable and automated platform provides proactive defense from cyber threats through early detection of breaches.

Discover your risk: Cybersecurity Assessments

We provide a baseline of your environment, offering cybersecurity insights you can act on. Our team conducts an initial onsite assessment to help identify your operational technology needs. We then provide detailed execution roadmap you can consider to better secure your OT environment.

Secure Configuration and Design

Data powers your facility. We can help you secure your network, harden devices, and promote best-practices network architectural design.With IoT on the rise, cybersecurity risks are increasing. Our hardening configuration policies and practices help protect your building — by better securing your OT network and devices and aligning your OT network with industry best-practices.

Cybersecurity Appliances and Software

By using robust cybersecurity applications for added software and hardware resilience, we can help identify your specific needs. Secure Media Exchange (SMX) to help protect your OT system from USB threats with an award-winning solution. Honeywell Advanced Endpoint Security (HAES) by Deep Instinct TM is one of the most sophisticated, intuitive, and revolutionary real-time next-generation antivirus solutions. Next-Generation Firewall. Support for Application White Listing (AWL). Backup and Recovery.