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Enhancing Your building’s operational efficiency with AI

In a world where AI and advanced analytics are making everything smarter, building managers need a solution to improve their facilities' operational efficiency.

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A Building Management System (BMS) A computer-based control system that manages a building's mechanical and electrical equipment, including HVAC, lighting, security, and fire safety systems. Its primary goal is to enhance operational efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and improve occupant comfort and safety. BMS components include sensors, controllers, and centralized monitoring software. Benefits include cost savings, increased energy efficiency, and streamlined maintenance processes. Emerging trends involve integrating IoT devices and advanced analytics for smarter building management.

Ready to digitally transform your building?

A software-first approach to building automation and control can make it easier for you to add outcome-based solutions. Learn how you can merge IT and OT data into a unified platform, deploy cost-effective building applications, and gain performance insights across one building or your entire portfolio.

Operate a more secure, reliable facility when systems like building management, fire and security are connected to streamline workflows.

Use sensors and software to help identify issues before failures occur for less downtime, optimal asset life, and better building performance.

Take building management and automation to the cloud to help simplify control and uptime – for one facility or hundreds.

Reimagine what controllers can do with Honeywell Advance Control for Buildings designed with built in convenience, compatibility and cybersecurity.