Plant Information Management System

Plant Information Management System (PIMS) collects and integrates information about a production process from different sources.

It is a well known fact that plant data is the basis for all solutions in the process industry. As such, data must be easily captured and accessible to ensure long-term improvement opportunities. Based on open standards, Yokogawa's data historian and PIMS solution captures data easily to provide a valuable bedrock. Our solution is especially unique in that implementation costs are significantly reduced when compared to the alternatives.

Customer Challenge

Securely Stored and Available Information Plant information must be available in order to drive improvements. In order to access the vast amounts of process information from a plant, and use the information effectively, users require a system that presents the collected information in a timely way that is both concise and easy to understand. Fitting seamlessly into the existing infrastructure, a PIMS system allows managers, engineers, operators, etc. to obtain appropriate information suitable for their job role. Securely Stored and Available Information

Our Solutions

PIMS base for our PIMS and historian solution, Exaquantum’s very tight integration to our Centum VP DCS provides a clear business-directed focus, integrating production data across the enterprise to deliver operational information to the whole business, both locally and worldwide. Exaquantum will provide your business with powerful plant information, managing both business and process control domains to eliminate the gap between business systems and process control by integrating the information to meet your complex and ever changing business requirements.

Customer Benefits

Enhanced DCS Functionality, Increased Operator Empowerment and Improved Operational Decision Making This is achieved by transforming integrated operational data from all facets of the business into usable, high-value business information, which becomes part of the enterprise's vital decision support tool set. Our solutions have delivered business benefits to users in the Hydrocarbons, Pulp & Paper, Power & Utilities, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Drink, Manufacturing and other continuous or batch processing industries.

Key Features