Hydrogen fuel could power the electric grid, heat buildings and dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of your vehicles. Here’s what to know about green hydrogen production.
Today, technology is helping organizations more easily identify sources of methane emissions from industrial processes and reduce the impact they have on global warming.
How do decision-makers in the industry perceive their companies’ sustainability progress? Reduced energy usage and waste, Reduce resource consumption, ensuring a resource-efficient supply chain.

We’re Ready Now To Help You Become More Sustainable

Breadth of Capabilities

A broad range of sustainability solutions designed for the unique needs and scale of industry, Design, implement and track successful energy management strategies, including renewable transactions and energy efficiency improvements.

Investing in the Future

Industries and businesses play a huge role in boosting the economy of any country by bringing in a huge amount of revenues, and providing large-scale employments to people from several spheres of society.

Sustainable Technologies

If conventional sources used in industries are replaced by renewable energy sources, the carbon footprint of the industry is automatically decreased by replacing or offsetting the requirements for fossil fuel emissions with net-zero energy sources like solar and wind.


Drive Resource Efficiency and Responsible Growth

Make a positive impact on your sustainability goals, and the world, using an intelligent approach to sustainability. Use software and analytics to track and report on sustainability initiatives, maintain compliance and accountability, reduce energy consumption, and manage emissions.


Supply Chain Performance

Energy Efficiency

These measures and upgrades often include lighting, water, heating, ventilation, cooling, building envelope, smart meters  and controls. We first implement efficiency gains in order to establish a strong baseline for renewable energy generation needs.


Energy Infrastructure

We have experience in building modernization and retrofits, and work with utility distribution systems and non-energy-focused design-build new construction. We also monetise existing energy assets and take ownership and operation off the customers’ balance sheet.


Energy Supply Management

We develop and execute supply-side strategies that manage price risk and annual costs and simplify procurement. Techno Service works in both regulated and deregulated markets to manage energy supply and expenses.


Energy Analytics & Supply

Data drives our energy analytics and supply management solutions ranging from our proprietary asset management software, AssetPlanner®, to energy procurement services for negotiating contracts and stabilizing customers’ energy budgets.

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