What is Asset Performance Management?

Asset performance management (APM) monitors assets to identify, diagnose, and prioritize impending equipment problems – continuously and in real time. APM empowers organizations to reduce unscheduled downtime, prevent equipment failure, and reduce maintenance costs while increasing asset utilization, extending equipment life, and identifying underperforming assets. Maximize profitability and improve performance with APM solutions.

   APM features

         Transform assets from cost centers into revenue drivers.

Digital asset management for connected teams

Prioritize, plan, schedule, and execute safe, compliant work. Digitalize work processes with extended reality and mobility.

Address common operational challenges

Optimize processes that reduce waste, increase quality, improve energy efficiency, optimize throughput, reduce downtime, and predict asset life.

Put the power of AI and machine learning in your hands

Use predictive and prescriptive analytics to make your operations faster and more efficient on-premises or in the cloud.

Balance risk, cost and performance with the right asset strategy

Prioritize assets. Optimize maintenance strategies. Maximize return on asset investment.

Asset performance management

Insight – Predictive Analytics

Upgrade your existing insight Subscription to unlock Predictive Analytics capabilities for increased visibility of asset performance and early detection of anomalies.

Asset performance management

APM Assessment

Formerly Known As APM Assessment

APM Assessment enables customers to gain an understanding of the status of their business and opportunities that will provide the quickest financial return.

Asset Performance Management

Operational Safety Management

 Operational Safety Management enables asset operators to eliminate, minimize, or mitigate operational risk while optimizing asset performance.

Mobile Operator

Formerly Known As IntelTrac Mobile Operator Rounds Mobile Operator software combined with mobile devices improves operations efficiency, streamlines maintenance management, and increases regulatory compliance visibility.

Asset performance management


    Insight delivers actionable information and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to  help your teams improve asset reliability and operational performance

Asset Strategy Optimization

Formerly Known As Risk-Based Maintenance Asset Strategy Optimization software helps businesses improve asset performance by integrating risk and asset criticality into an overall asset performance management strategy.

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