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Share and manage industrial data easily and securely 

Data management solutions are built to handle industrial data at scale. Enrich real-time data streams with contextual information. Improve understanding and support more types of users in an operations data management hub.

Operations data management features


Collect and aggregate real-time, high-fidelity data from multiple sources, including on-premises control systems and remote assets.

Highly performant and scalable

Handle millions of data streams as easily as a thousand. Our data solutions are designed for the exploding volume of operations data.

Fast, easy data access

Enable fast data access without the need for programming or IT resources with off-the-shelf solutions and ready-to-use interfaces.

Secure data sharing

Give authorized users inside or outside your organization access to consistent, real-time data. Enable broader collaboration and support new business models.

   Tap into your data
   Take control of your operations data with data management software

PI Vision

Analyze real-time operations data using a web-based dashboarding tool with configurable, self-service visualization.

 PI System™

Achieve operational excellence with an enterprise-class operations data management solution for aggregating, enriching, and using real-time operations data.

Data Hub

Share real-time industrial data securely with authorized users inside and outside your organization through our cloud-based data management service SaaS.

Edge Data Store

Collect, temporarily store, and access operations data from assets in remote locations with limited space, harsh conditions, intermittent connectivity, and no IT support.

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