Four Ball Tester

Four Ball Tester performs both Wear Preventative (WP) and Extreme Pressure (EP) analyses for measuring the wear and frictional properties of lubricants under sliding steel-on-steel test conditions. Tests are performed in accordance to the latest ASTM and IP published methods. Normal load on the ball assembly and frictional torque are measured through load cells. Data is processed and stored using an advanced data acquisition and processing software package. Test results can be plotted and compared, as well as exported to other programs. Wear scars on the steel balls are measured and recorded with a High Resolution Digital Microscope available as recommended accessory for the Four Ball Tester. High Resolution Digital Microscope Koehler’s Four Ball Microscope is a versatile device for measuring the wear scar diameter on a steel test ball. This apparatus consists of the “Dinolite” Microscope with “DinoCapture” Software mounted at an angle on an aluminum base. The device is designed to measure the wear scar without removing the test balls from the ball pot allowing for a safer measurement procedure. The wear scar can be viewed through an external PC. The software measures the wear scar using a diameter and line tool. The images can be saved at varied resolutions on a PC.