Enterprise visualization software

View operations, engineering, and other business data—in one contextual environment. Improve operational awareness, crisis response, and information-sharing across your organization.

Unified Operations Center

Evaluate engineering, operations, and other data in context for end-to-end enterprise visibility.

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software

Control and optimize operations in real time to increase efficiency, quality, and reliability.


System Platform

Use this responsive control platform for supervisory control, HMI, MES, and IIoT.


Maximize industrial process performance with flexible, high-performance SCADA software.

Enterprise SCADA

Support your enterprise oil and gas pipeline or gas distribution using the world’s most trusted supervisory control and data acquisition software.


Capture and store huge volumes of high-fidelity industrial data, and access it through a simple interface.

Edge and human machine interface (HMI) software

Translate complex data into actionable information you can use to monitor equipment. Leverage historical and trending data to improve efficiency and quality.

Human Machine Interface, often known by the acronym HMI, refers to a dashboard or screen used to control machinery. Line operators, managers and supervisors in industry rely on HMIs to translate complex data into useful information.

For example, they use HMIs to monitor machinery to make sure it’s working properly. Easy-to-understand visual displays give meaning and context to near real-time information about tank levels, pressure and vibration measurements, motor and valve status and other variables.

But the advanced capabilities of today’s HMIs enable managers and supervisors to do much more than control processes. Using historical and trending data they offer vast new opportunities to improve product quality and make systems more efficient. 

For all these reasons, HMIs play a key role in the smooth and effective running of factories and manufacturing operations.