Techno Service company  was founded in 1997 by chemist Mahmoud Othman in Alexandria City Egypt with 3 employees to supply chemicals ,laboratory products ,to the universities , pharmaceutical  companies and food industries.
In 2003 Techno service start to focus on the instrumentation and test equipment’s for the pharmaceutical and big research center for supply of its own innovative range of lab equipment’s like hotplate oven, incubator and spectrophotometer Techno Service has continued to expand and increase the range of products and services.
In 2005 after  worked hard for several years we began as Exclusive agency for some good company  abroad like Hermle for centrifuge ,BTX for electroporation and electrofusion , Gibertini for balances ,Unico for spectrophotometer.
In 2006 we proudly opened a new branch in Cairo to assist in supporting our increasing number of customers for the whole Egypt .Techno Service also works very closely with a number of specialist principle to ensure that our broad range of products is supplied and supported around Egypt.
In 2007  We become exclusive agency for Biochrom (UK) part of Harvard Apparatus for Spectrophotometer , Electrophoresis and Elisa system , and for Behr Germany for Kjeldahl System .
In 2009  Techno service considered as a one  of leaders company in our field . The strength of Techno Service comes from its strong infrastructure and organization network.
 In 2010   Techno service is becoming strong and substantial experience to covering a specific fields and bringing the high technology to our market  .
 In 2011 We add some more principle to work with also our staff increasing due to Techno Service have a big share market.
In 2013 Our current initiatives to expand our capabilities in our market, by expanding research programs include providing a wide range of Nano-technologies and most advanced instruments in the field of Bio-research.
In 2014 due to the offer of 2013 and as result of getting so many agent our product like because very good to covering so many sectors , that helping to increase our sales
In 2015 we starting to sell out side Egypt to Soudan and Saudi Arabia and we become agency for Memmert (Germany) which one of the best company whole over the world in its field .
In 2016  we enter the new field by having Koehler instrument (USA) in the field of petroleum apparatus
In 2017 we starting cooperate with some partner abroad in Dubai and working with companies for R&D and production for pharma field, We are focusing in industrial fields as food field , pharma field and finally petroleum field.
In 2018  We are enter new market and we become customer oriented company  engineering, scientist , our staff almost 20 employers .
Our claim is based on our appreciable and viable resources , very qualified trained staff , strong partnership with world leading manufacturers and suppliers and services provided to our customers .
Techno Service is providing service to research centers , education instituted , petroleum  , petrochemicals , pharmaceutical , food , feed , water treatment , analytical chemistry and other private sectors .
Techno Service are planning to increase the staff to become more than 50 people at 2022 to covering and supplies , service to our customer .


To be always oriented toward the market needs and to provide our best services whatever the effort taken from us.

To become a leading distributor for Scientific, Medical, Industrial and process equipment, Laboratory Supplies, and pilot plant Turn-key projects in Middle East.

Most of our teams their background is science and engineering.

Our staff will train to support our customer by technical information and recommendation of selecting the suitable models according to our customer specifications.