Robotic Arm Palletizer

Robotic Arm Palletizer for bags, boxes, bundles and drums

Up to 1200 cycles/hour with single or multiple picking gripper, as described below:

Bags: up to 1800 bags/hour
Boxes or bundle: up to 4000 boxes or bundles/hour


  • Multiple product lines handling
  • Automatic format switching
  • Integrated empty pallet dispensing into gripper
  • Integrated slip sheet applicator on empty, intermediate or top of pallet
  • Standalone empty pallet dispenser
  • Standalone slip sheet dispenser on empty pallet
  • Standalone film sheet applicator with integrated stapler
  • Empty pallet centering device
  • Bag settling with press and/or square roller conveyor
  • Glue applicator
  • Servo driven bag turning device
  • Stripping plate and layer dams module