HTHP Corrosion Tester

The HTHP (or HPHT) Corrosion Tester is designed to perform corrosion tests under elevated temperature and pressure. The device is capable of heating the sample up to 400°F (204.4°C) and applying up to 5,000 PSI (34.5 MPa). Four samples can be tested simultaneously. All wetted components are made of corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel.

Four corrosion coupons are thoroughly cleaned and weighed before the test begins. The acid solution and corrosion inhibitor are mixed and poured into each of the four sample bottles. A corrosion coupon is added to each sample and all four bottles are placed into the test cell. Pressure and temperature are applied, and the motor agitates the samples throughout the test. After the test, the coupons are cleaned and weighed again. The mass loss during testing is used to calculate the corrosive properties of the acid.