Allegheny Bradford Corporation is recognized as the world leading manufacturer of shell & tube heat exchangers. Our system is custom designed for sanitary environments, supporting CIP and SIP of the process fluid lines.

Sampling/Point Of Use System.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to install, operate and maintain. Systems are self contained, shipped fully tested, passivated and ready for installation
  • Sample/Point of Use available instantly
  • Designed with a single use point that can be configured as a low point drain during CIP and SIP operations
  • Custom designed coil-tube heat exchanger to meet your specific requirements, either heating or cooling
  • ASME BPE double tubesheet leak detection compliant
  • Continuous flow through system ensures constant sterility
  • 316L stainless steel seamless construction, with surface finishes down to 15 Microinches Ra. & Electropolished available
  • Accurately designed Pitot tube for optimum flow
  • Complete documentation & turn-over packages. Systems are provided with full traceability, including (MTR’s) and welding logs for all process contact materials.
  • Data sheets are supplied with every design
  • Many software programming options available
  • Superior quality utilizing hygienic Top Line or customer specified valves
  • Included shellside & cabinet drain