Combination Octane Rating Unit Engine

  • Easy to use touch-screen panel with easy to follow guidance simplifies the operation process.
  • Auto-set of intake temperatures, auto-adjustment of ignition time and C.R. digital counter, auto-control of temperature system. Manual adjustment of basic parameters is also available.
  • Professional software provides user-friendly interface and simple fuel rating procedures of ASTM RON and MON Test Methods. Automatic calculation and optimization system is offered to minimize human errors and other failures.
  • Falling level program gives the operator the flexibility to run a falling level test by Procedure B of ASTM D2699 and D2700.
  • Electronic on-board barometer automatically adjusts C.R. Digital Counter for barometric pressure.
  • Cylinder height is measured and auto-adjusted accurately and the results are displayed on-screen in dual dimension values.
  • Digital knock meter displays actual and accurate knock intensity value and real-time waveform.
  • Automated data recordings with octane rating reports are automatically captured and presented in an Excel report.
  • Safety system protects octane engine with failure indication system and e-stop.
  • Operation and Maintenance manuals and maintenance logs can be displayed on screen for easy reference. Maintenance time is regularly reminded.