Automatic Petroleum Refractometer w/ Touch Screen

  • Conforms to ASTM D1218, D1747, D5006, and D5775 test specifications
  • Electronic heating and cooling twin Peltier system operates from 10 to 100°C, eliminating the need for a circulating water bath
  • Automated and precise refractive index measurements
  • Detection of correct sample loading with warning message
  • Monitors cleaning between samples and warns if it the instrument is not cleaned correctly.
  • Designed for samples ranging from clear to highly colored, dark and opaque
  • Measures to the fifth decimal place refractive index or hundredths place in percent solids
  • Multipoint calibration routines maximize accuracy
  • Automatic detection of temperature and reading stability
  • Full networking capability with direct data transfer into
  • Excel, .pdf and other formats